Pluto Storage and keysystem


Uses my key system which is needed. (Costs $5)
- Automatic db table creation, plug n play.
- You can buy a storageunit that is connected to a key.
- Anyone with that has the key with the storage units id on it can open it.
- My own storage system that will not make a mess when looking in database. Everything is on one line.
- You can easily add multiple locations in the config and storages bought in that location are only available to access there.
- Added a locksmith if you want to buy extra keys and give one to a friend or so. (Only the owner that can buy extra keys.)
- Added so money actually gets removed on purchase.



- A key script that is a utility script for me and will allow me to make more scripts that will use it in my future products.
- Has many user friendly exports.
- /keymenu is the command to open the menu and if you are near a player it will allow you to give the player next to you the key.