Hello community! 
I am offering fully optimized ESX Server with about 350 resources (including AddOn cars)
Price is fixed, no more payments!

Robberies, Events

Webhooks: When someone fail a house robbery, server send a message to your Discord for LSPD with coordinates, and thief discription!

Jobs: (50+)

- Plane Pilot, Police, Killer, Fisherman, Miner, Woodcutter, Rafinerist, Reporter, Textil, Mechanic, Taxi, Trucker, Real State Agent, Fireman, Logistic, Transporter, Postman, EMS, Mafia, Rebel, Security, Garbage, Pizza Delivery, Ranger, Unicorn (barman), Bus driver, Coast Guard, Irish, Lawyer, Dismay, Grove, Vagos, Ballas, Traffic Officer, Pool Cleaner, Car Thief, Salvage

Blips on map: 70+

HUD In pause menu

Loading screen included!

AFTER PAYMENT!!! - Due size of the file - Contact me on Discord R4V3N#1910 and I will send you a download link. 


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